Who we are

Tekoá was created from the desire to provide experiences to people traveling through it, producing a unique combination of activities, offering a unique and close contact with nature, local culture and promoting tourism in a responsible manner.

We develop programs that bring together nature and sustainability, for people interested in learning about a different, creative Brazil, interacting with communities, other travelers and making this activity generates mainly local income source.

Based in the beautiful “Magic Island” as it is affectionately called by the inhabitants the city of Florianópolis or Island of Santa Catarina, Tekoá operates ecotourism tours and organizes trips with community activities in some Brazilian states, as is the case for example of Santa Catarina, Paraná (region of Lagamar and Foz do Iguaçu) of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (Green Coast) and Ceará, as well as tours in National Parks, State and Municipal Brazilians, who with his incredible biodiversity deserves to be visited .

Making a difference

-We work with small groups, thus creating the opportunity to practice an experimental  tourism, where the interaction itself becomes special and the experiences are unforgetable;

-Different landscapes can be enjoyed in a harmonious blend of nature and culture through creativity and innovation roadmaps, which avoid the so-called “conventional tourism”;

-The tours and activities offered by Tekoá help raising awareness regarding the conservation of biodiversity contributing to the sustainability of the planet;

-We work with community-based tours that contribute to the rescue and the appreciation of local culture to a fair and accessible value;

-The partners we work with are carefully selected; we vist the places where they work personally and teamwork is constantly updated, so that the product offered is quality and innovative.