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Acolhida na Colônia
Acolhida na Colônia is an association of farmers that promotes ecological agrotourism since 1998, in
properties of organic agriculture in the state of
Santa Catarina. It integrated the French Network
Accueil Paysan (active in France since 1987).

It is mainly aimed to enhance the way of life in the
field. Thus, farmers “open their doors” to show
visitors their simple way of life and their ecologicalpractices through subsistence and organic agriculture.

The goal is to share with visitors the traditional
knowledge, stories, culture and landscapes during
conversations at the edge of the wood stove.

In addition to the trained properties to work with
tourism, the Acolhida together with its partners
developed a line of products, which is a result from
the production associated to tourism. They have local craftwork and it has made available for direct sale onits their website at the following link, ARTESANATO.
Through this work, the producers use their own
resources and perform an authentic work that “escapes”imitation and are continuing the work of their
ancestors contributing to the rescue and the
permanence of original forms of Santa Catarina

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