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This trip is planned for those who want to travel economically independent, letting our client at ease with respect to change times and schedules. With a rental car and a road map this 3-day itinerary and 2 nights you will discover the mountains of Santa Catarina.

The winner of the Capital of Vegetables and Natural Beauties, the bucolic town of Urubici, offers in addition to stunning scenery a selection of natural attractions that are an invitation to new discovery, whether by car, through a horse riding or even a bicycle. The low temperatures during the winter attract tourists from all over Brazil interested to see snow that covers Araucaria´s fields.

With over 40 types of attraction, about 30 archaeological sites, over 80 waterfalls and the highest point in southern Brazil (Church Hill, with 1822mt) Urubici offers several possibilities of tours and activities for all tastes. Hiking, cycling and horseback riding are among the most requested activities. All this combined with a good supply of cozy inns, rural inns and restaurants working with varied cuisine as German, Italian and Tropeira. A Ride in the mountain scenery and at the end of the day a rest in front of the ground fire tasting a rich local food are typical programs of Santa Catarina mountains.

The nearby San Joaquin is known for apple and the cold weather. The fruit cultivation is the main economic activity of the city. Cycling through the dirt roads in the town is common to see small apple tree plantations alongside the simple homes of fruit growers. Every year in May there is a famous National Apple Festival. However, it is not only the intense cold that the city reveals a good tourist destination. At the beginning of the year there is the apple harvest and a tasting mountain honey, whose quality and purity were recognized at international meetings of beekeepers, so visiting the town from the end of September is to face beautiful flowering apple trees and cherry trees, also a common tree in the region, which fills the air with a mildly sweet perfume.

Best time: It is recommended to avoid the spring to be the wettest period. During autumn and winter the sky is clean. The average annual temperature is 18 °C. In the autumn, between March and May, the temperature rarely exceeds 24 °C and can reach -2 °C. From May to October, the minimum goes around 3 ° and 8 °C and maximum between 11° and 16 °C, sometimes reaching 21 °C.  Snow are likely between June and August.

Tips: Visit and stay at the properties of Acolhida da Colônia. This is a different way to host a guest, as if he were a family member.


– Tekoá includes in their trips to the mountain of Santa Catarina places that are part Acolhida da Colônia – as a way to value this green agrotourism model exercised on small farms run by farmers who work with organic agriculture. In these places there is a tradeoff between the visitor and the host hard to be found in other tours.

– Visit São Joaquim National Park, the only park in this category protected by state of Santa Catarina. It was created primarily as a way to protect the remnants of Araucaria Forests which are within its 49,300 hectares. Another important aspect of this unit is its geological formation, dated about 133 million years ago, composed of volcanic rocks of basalt type, which form together with the formations of sandstone also an ideal place to recharge and discharge the Guarani Aquifer. The park protects important springs as the main Uruguay River – Rio Canoas and Pelotas River.

Tekoá has other trips to the mountains of Santa Catarina, from 1 night to 5 night stay, in addition to other tours that can be designed according to the customer demand.


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