Tekoá Brasil value hotels and facilities that provides sustainable services. Check some of our partners below.

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Vila Tamarindo

A Pousada Vila Tamarindo Eco Lodge, located in Florianópolis, is based on the concept of sustainability for the development of its activities, the full satisfaction of their guests and the respect for the environment in which it is inserted.

We consider our hostel as friend of nature and aimed at meeting of all audiences, without distinction, you want to stay in harmony with the environment, having as priorities a good costumer care.Our hostel also welcome the gay community, so we consider ourselves as an inn Gay Friendly in Florianopolis.

From the point of view of the environment in which we operate, the inn looks for ways to contribute culturally, economically and socially with local communities, and for the preservation of natural areas.Through this philosophy today, the Pousada neutralizes all carbon emissions through the CARBON FREE project.

Pousada dos Sonhos

A Pousada dos Sonhos is located by the sea at Jurerê beach, and we are proud to be one of the best and most complete options for acomodattion in Florianópolis.

Next to entertainment venues, shopping and restaurants Jurerê and Jurerê International, the Inn offers 48 different units, including apartments, flats, exclusive cabanas. A full structure of finesse and a a view that will stay in your memory.

Some of the hostel actions: perform inventory and compensation of greenhouse gases generated by the inn; gives preference for less aggressive nature products; Solar heating of the water used at the inn; actively participates in local organizations; performs natural treatment of liquid waste (sewage); Offers bicycles for guests; It is adapted to get sunlight reducing the use of electricity, among others.

Pousada Pacatatu

Pousada Pacatatu is located less than 500 meters from the center of the quiet town of Praia Grande / SC. The hostel structure has rustic style, all built with exotic wood and reforestation, not giving up the comfort offered in their accommodations.

On the outside of the Inn a lookout that offers a privileged view of the city and the slopes of the Serra Geral.

All rooms have a balcony overlooking the canyons and hills. On the ground floor is the area for breakfast, TV room and place to rest in a hammock. Around the area there are native and exotic plants. The walls of bamboo gives you a sense of peace and tranquility.

Pousada Doce Encanto

Typical farmers in the interior of Santa Catarina,  Mr. Valnério family stands out for the high level of environmental awareness and sympathy when  they receive visitors. The family divides their daily lives between the inn and agriculture, both of which activities can be experienced by the tourist, either accompanying family in agricultural activities, caring for the animals in the production of molasses and brown sugar, harvesting the vegetables in the garden, or enjoying trackks and natural beauty that the property offers.

The hostel accommodations are comfortable and functional. The shower water is heated by the coil of the wood stove. The property is a member of AGRECO and all food served to visitors (vegetables, fruits, animal products) is produced on the property using agroecological techniques. They also cultivate sugar cane to make brown sugar and molasses in family agribusiness. Everything organic and excellent quality.

Sitio Arroio da Serra

A place surrounded by greenery, clean air and crystal clear waters, invites you to meet up with warm and welcoming people.
In the midst of a family of six brothers, today added by sons in law as well, daughters and grandchildren who live and help Eraldo and Terezinha, typical farmers at the mountains of Santa Catarina, which resisting the modern life maintains organic fruit and vegetables .
In this place, where nature has always respected and preserved by the Israel Family, visitors have the opportunity to experience a farmer’s day, planting, harvesting and tasting fruits and vegetables, as well as participating in hiking and nature trails on foot or horseriding.

The Inn is a member of Acolhida da Colônia, which is an association of farmers that promotes ecological agrotourism since 1998, in practitioners properties of organic agriculture in the state of SC. It integrated the French Network Accueil Paysan (active in France since 1987).

It is mainly aimed to enhance the way of life in the field. Thus, farmers “open their doors” to show visitors their simple way of life and their ecological practices through subsistence and organic agriculture.

The goal is to share with visitors the traditional knowledge, stories, culture and landscapes during conversations the edge of the wood stove.

Pousada Oceanomare

A Pousada Oceanomare está localizada em um belo parque, uma área verde de 80.000 m²,  entre montanhas, praias e uma lagoa, um recanto em meio da Mata Atlântica, vizinho do Parque Florestal do Rio Vermelho, em Florianópolis, na Ilha de Santa Catarina.
Além de estarem rodeados pela vegetação nativa e canteiros de flores bem-cultivadas, os chalés da Pousada Oceanomare têm vistas excelentes. Imersa na natureza, livre da poluição sonora e com muito ar puro. Com um pequeno lago, um riozinho que vai até a Lagoa de Conceição onde se pode pescar e ao pé do morro uma fonte natural de água.
A “trilha dos macacos” sobe pelo morro no meio da Mata Atlântica. Aqui você fica longe do barulho e pertinho da natureza e de belíssimas praias.

A Pousada Oceanomare tem foco na responsabilidade social e ambiental. Eles estam atentos na dinâmica ecológica que envolve a flora, fauna, relevo, água e o uso pelo ser humano. A Pousada busca respeita a natureza, uma herança de vida e beleza, através de diversas formas como por exemplo:

O paisagismo foi concebido observando a ecologia da nossa natureza. Priorizar as espécies nativas e aquela que servem de alimento para a fauna local. A cada dia eles buscam reconstruir uma paisagem bela para os olhos e equilibrada para natureza; foram instalados painéis solares em todos os chalés; a cozinha faz colete seletiva de lixo; a pousada reaproveita a água que desce do morro. Para as roupas de cama é utilizada uma lavanderia ecológica que não polui. Além disso, a pousada é patrocinadora de iniciativas ambientais e culturais.

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