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Urubici and Serra Catarinense


Located 170km (105 miles) from the city center of Florianópolis, Urubici is referred to by many as the most diverse ecotourism destination in the state.

Urubici brings together a wide variety of natural attractions, including forests, canyons, rock inscriptions, mountains, pines, rivers, high altitude grasslands, great waterfalls and valleys. It is the also the second coldest city in the country, with the presence of snow annually.

This picturesque town rests on part of the formation known as the Serra Geral(General Mountain Range). In this mountain system the highest peak of Pedra de Igreja reaches up to about 1800m (5900 ft). The highest mounatain pass in the country is in the Serra do Corvo Branco (White crow Mountains).

The two main sources of the Rio Uruguay (Uruguay River) - Rio Pelotas (Balls River)and Rio Canoas (Canoe River) are located in the city and the fertile valley is one of the richest horticultural areas in the state, earning the region the title of capital of Vegetables.

At about 70 km from Urubici we arrive at Bom Jardim da Serra, also known as the "Capital of the Waters" by the large number of rivers that born there. The site has a very rugged topography, filled with natural waterfalls and high hills covered by untouched vegetation . The biggest attraction is the Serra do Rio do Rastro (Range of mountains) 11 km far from the city center, from whose viewpoint can contemplate the rare beauty of the region and the contours of this amazing road, making it one of the most beautiful in the country. See photos beside.

Many of the attractions found very near the headquarters of the San Joaquin National Park can be accessed by guided tours by local guides.

Whether in summer or winter, Urubici has ample beauty and is admired by romantic couples or adventurers in search of hiking, horseback riding, biking, charming inns, plentiful food and organic agriculture.

Main Attractions:

-Morro da Igreja (Stone of the Church): measuring 1822 m of altitude is there that we find the Pedra Furada (Bored Stone), an intriguing work of the nature, with a hole of 30 m in circumference, featured as one of the most curious formations of Brazil.

-Parque Nacional de São Joaquim (Sao Joaquim National Park)

-Cascata do Avencal (Avencal Waterfall): With 100 m high free fall is a paradise for lovers of Rapel and Zipline.

-Mascara do Guardião (Guardian mask): Archaeological Site with old inscriptions , dating back 4000 years, a place considered sacred.

-Cascata Véu de Noiva: The water falls gently the black rock, forming a white foam that looks like the veil of a bride.

-Serra do Rio do Rastro: there are 12 miles of mountains located on the SC-438 highway, 11 km far away from the city center, with 1460 m of altitude and lined in concrete. Looking from the "belvedere", located in the highest part of the mountain, we see most of the cities in the region, the valleys, the hills and the mountains. In days of perfect visibility you can see the sea in the background thus composing one of the most beautiful settings in the country

-Serra do Corvo Branco: where the SC-439 highway passes through the biggest cut in sandstone rock from Brazil, with 90 m height, reserving disconcerting landscapes.

-Serra do Imaruí : acessible only on foot or horse. Located in Santa Barbara comunity, 25 km from the city center.

-Morro do Campestre: Imposing rock formation (sandstone) with height of 1,380 meters. From its top we can watch the wonderfull valley of the River Canoas.

-Mirante Belvedere: Place with a panoramic view of the entire city of Urubici.

-Arroio do Engenho: local with preserved vegetation and endangered species such as the plant "Xaxim", which grows only 1 cm per year (there are some millennial). There are two tracks and both end in waterfalls, one of which, in the winter - when the cold is intense, the water freeze.

-Cânion do Funil: to the left side of Serra do Rio do Rastro with an altitude of 1590 meters, accessible only by foot or horse.

-Cânion das Laranjeiras: One of the highlights of the region and is a demonstration of the beauty of the Serra Geral. Accessible though trails by foot or horse. Situated in the town of Santa Barbara, 20 miles from downtown.

-Sete Quedas: Site with a succession of waterfalls in a self-guided trail. Seven of them stand out being the highest.

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