[Lagoa do Peri]

Lagoa do Peri


Located in the south of the island 22 km (13 miles) from the city center.

This lake is Protected by the City Park of Lagoa do Peri (Peri Lake) and is one of the most preserved areas of the island. Smaller than " Lagoa da Conceição" the "Lagoa do Peri" has about 5km2 and 11mt depth of fresh water that supplies part of homes from ${d_link 'florianopolis', 'Florianopolis'}.

The site has infra-structure for visitors such as restaurant playground barbecue grills and two options of adventure activities: canoeing or hiking, taking one of the diferent trails that surround the lake. One of which leads to a path with traces of old ocupation and archaeological sites always accompanied by an environmental guide able to talk about the abundant flora and fauna of the place and the occupation of the region over the years.

During a walk on the edge of the lagoon with a little luck one can spot small animals and nice birds that fly over the region.

Nearby we can visit the Instituto Ekko Brasil for the preservation of the biodiversity. They have several projects especially with "Otters families".

Tekoá works in partnership with the Institute for ecovolunteer programs.

Our Trips

[Lagoa do Peri]

Canoeing at Lagoa do Peri.

Discover Peri lagoon in a kayak tour and get to a trail that leads to a refreshing waterfall, make a photographic safari or just contemplate the wild nature.
Near [Praia Mole]

Hiking at Lagoa do Peri

Walk around the most preserved lagoon of the island. Freshwater beaches and water cooling temperature!
[Matadeiro], Near [Praia do Matadeiro]

Fishing villages, paradisiacal beaches and lush nature of the South of Floripa

Plenty of conservation areas is the region that best reflects the "Magic Island"
[Lagoa do Peri]

Otter Project - Ecovoluntariado

Contribute to the conservation of Brazilian otters, staying at the border of Peri Lagoon at the paradisiacal Florianopolis island.
1. Lagoa do Peri

[Cachoeira da Gurita], Near [Lagoa do Peri]
[Lagoa do Peri]
[Lagoa do Peri]
[Cachoeira da Gurita], Near [Lagoa do Peri]
[Cachoeira da Gurita], Near [Lagoa do Peri]
View of [Lagoa do Peri]

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