[Ilha do Campeche]

Ilha do Campeche


Located on the east coast of Florianopolis, in front of the beach of Campeche.

Full of hills covered with Atlantic forest and cliffs with old inscriptions, the Campeche Island is surrounded by fine white sand and crystal clear waters.

There does not exist residences and the visitation is monitored daily, which makes its numerous archaeological sites preserved. It is the only island of the country declared a National Archaeological Heritage and Landscape

With a very rich ecosystem, it has trails that can be done until the sites and places for snorkeling, which thanks to the calm waters of the location, are used to observe the rich marine fauna.

Registered by Iphan (Institute for National Heritage and Landscape) since the year 2000, it holds between its shores more than 100 petroglyphs and some lithic workshops, and other places of occupation. Among the types of drawings found, we have: geometric symbols, arrows, masks, and others. Similar inscriptions are found in other islands of the region, as in the beach cliffs of Santinho and Arvoredo Island.

The points of departure for the island are: Armaçao Beach (transportation provided by fishermen), Praia do Campeche (speedboats) and Barra da Lagoa (with schooners during the high season).

The island has a capacity of up to 800 visitors per day, it is imperative to book in advance. The tracks, both terrestrial and aquatic, can only be made in the company of an environmental monitor, available on site. No doubt an unforgetable tourist attraction for those visiting ${d_link 'florianopolis', 'Florianópolis'}.

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[Ilha do Campeche]
[Ilha do Campeche]
[Ilha do Campeche]
[Ilha do Campeche]
[Ilha do Campeche]
[Ilha do Campeche]

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