Ilha do Arvoredo

Ilha do Arvoredo (Grove Island),

Occupying an area of 17,800 Hectare (44,000 acres), The Reserva Biológica Marinha do Arvaredo (The Biological Marine Reserve of Arvoredo) is one of only two in this category of conservation areas in the country, along with the Atol das Rocas (Rio Grande do Norte). It comprises the islands of Galé, Arvaredo, Deserto and San Pedro.

The climate is moderate with temperatures between 17 and 30 °C (62-86f), and with water visibility around 10-18MT,(32-52ft.)

Research has shown that the site has been inhabited by the ${d_link 'locais-em-santa-catarina', 'Sambaqui'} - prehistoric people who lived between 2000 and 5000 years ago as evidenced by inscriptions in cave dwellings.

Due to the confluence of two ocean currents (tropical, subtropical), species from these two environments can be found in the same area. Among tropical fish and penguins, we find lobsters, octopus, grouper, shrimp, dolphins, whales, turtles and many species that make the place a paradise for divers and fishermen.

Among the most frequently sighted birds are boobies, gulls, frigates and others who find the island a safe place to breed. When diving on the Ilha dos Galés (Welsh Island), it is possible to visit the sight of a the cargo ship, The Lili, which sank in there1957.

When diving on the island of Arvoredo, it is possible to see a cargo ship, the Lili, which sank in 1957 in this site.

In the early '80s, the site attracted the attention of environmentalists because of its rich biodiversity and by 1990 the reserve was created in order to reduce environmental damage. Today, educational diving is part of a pilot project of IBAMA, to educate visitors on how to identify and preserve native species. This site is prohibited from any landing without permission of the Navy.

The place was and remains an important shelter for boats moving through the region because it has high cliffs that protect the against southeast and northeast winds

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Explore the underwater world surrounding the "Arvoredo Island" beside "Garoupas", tuna fish, dolphins, sea turtles, whales...

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